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Dunel Testing Equipment and Compliance with International Standards

Dunel is a company specializing in the manufacture of testing equipment, providing comprehensive solutions to assist manufacturers in ensuring the compliance of their products with international standards of quality and safety. Our equipment is designed to meet the requirements of various standards, including:

IEC 60065 (Audio, Video, and Similar Electronic Apparatus): We offer testing solutions to help manufacturers ensure their products meet essential safety requirements, protecting users from electrical shocks, fire hazards, and other associated risks.

IEC 60529 (Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures): We provide solutions for tests related to protection against the entry of solids and liquids, allowing manufacturers to verify the compliance of their products with protection degree standards.

IEC 60598-1 (Luminaires - General Requirements and Tests): We offer equipment for tests related to luminaires, ensuring they meet the general requirements and tests established by this standard.

IEC 60238 (Edison Screw Lamp holders): Our equipment is tailored to provide accurate tests, ensuring that Edison screw lamp holders comply with rigorous standards of design and performance.

IEC 60335-1 (Household and Similar Electrical Appliances): We enable manufacturers to conduct tests according to this standard, contributing to the safety and durability of household appliances.

IEC 60884-1 (Plugs and Socket-Outlets for Household and Similar Purposes): We provide solutions for testing plugs and socket-outlets, ensuring they meet the requirements established by this standard.

IEC 60950-1 (Information Technology Equipment - Safety): Our equipment is designed to assist manufacturers in conducting safety tests in compliance with the standards established for information technology equipment.

IEC 61058-1 (Low-Voltage Switches): We offer testing solutions for low-voltage switches, ensuring they meet the specific requirements established by this standard.

IEC 60400 (Fluorescent Lamp Caps): Our testing equipment covers this standard, ensuring that caps for fluorescent lamps meet specific performance and reliability requirements.

IEC 60669-1 (Switches for Household and Similar Purposes): Our equipment enables switch tests, contributing to compliance with specific standards for household and similar purposes.

These are just some of the standards for which our testing equipment is adapted. Dunel is committed to providing accurate and reliable solutions to help our clients achieve the highest standards of quality and compliance in their products.

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