We provide calibration services in the following area:

  • Time / frequency

  • Temperature and humidity

  • Optoelectronics and laser

  • Force, Pressure and mass

  • Dimension

Calibration report ISO17025 – Traceable

(Service provided by our partners and available only when required for our products)


With design professionals in North America, South America and Europe, in collaboration with partners and one factory in ASIA, Dunel is launching a new division. We now accept orders for new development in areas like test of cars, petroleum and gas, furniture, bikes, shoes etc . We can also provide solutions for the special needs of our clients, required  by internal standards. We are glad for having the opportunity to assist you.


Design & production of test equipment. Production ability over 1000 unit per month. Consult us! Best price guarantee!



+351 222061438

+351 222061438

  • Europe: Office: R. Boa Vista, 355 / 450-107 Porto - Portugal ​

  • North America: Office: 3050-204 Notre Dame O Montreal H2Y1T3 QC Canada - 

Phone +1 819 412-7077



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