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Dunel's R-Series offers a precision IPX3/IPX4 testing solution.

Dunel is excited to unveil its latest innovation – a specialized IPX3/IPX4 testing apparatus meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous standards defined in IEC60529, particularly focusing on articles 14.2.3 and 14.2.4. This groundbreaking solution is ideal for clients conducting focused assessments on specific components and presents a cost-effective alternative for startups aiming to develop products while minimizing the expenses associated with external laboratory retesting.

Dunel's R-Series: Precision IPX3/IPX4 Testing Solution
Dunel's R-Series: Precision IPX3/IPX4 Testing Solution

Key Features:

1. Method A (Swinging Arcs):

Our testing equipment adheres to IPX3/IPX4 standards using Method A, ensuring controlled water application through precisely oscillating arcs.

2. Modular Design:

Dunel's innovative approach allows for a modular setup, empowering clients to choose the exact IPX3/IPX4 rating and arc radius tailored to their testing needs.

3. Cost-Effective Solution for Startups:

The R-Series offers an affordable testing alternative, allowing startups to develop products while mitigating the costs of potential retests at external laboratories.

4. Versatility in Choices:

  • SKU DNOT529/OF200:

  • IPX3/IPX4 rating

  • Arc Radius: 200

  • Ideal for precise testing needs

  • SKU DNOT529/OF400:

  • IPX3/IPX4 rating

  • Arc Radius: 400

  • Suitable for a broader range of components

  • SKU DNOT529/OF600:

  • IPX3/IPX4 rating

  • Arc Radius: 600

  • Comprehensive testing for larger components

Technical Specifications:

  • IPX Rating: IPX3/IPX4

  • Testing Method: Method A (Swinging Arcs)

  • Arc Radius Options:

  • R200 (SKU DNOT529/OF200)

  • R400 (SKU DNOT529/OF400)

  • R600 (SKU DNOT529/OF600)


  • Focused Testing: Precision for specific components.

  • Cost Savings for Startups: Mitigate expenses associated with retesting in external laboratories.

  • Customization: Choose the IPX rating and arc radius that suits your requirements.

Ease of Use:

  • Plug and Play: The solution is straightforward to set up.

  • PLC Control: The equipment is operated through a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

  • Remote Control: Start, stop, and control functions remotely for enhanced convenience.


Dunel's R-Series offers a precision IPX3/IPX4 testing solution that not only offers precision and cost-effectiveness but is also a game-changer for startups aiming to develop products with minimized retesting expenses. With its modular design, customizable options, and user-friendly features like plug-and-play setup and remote control functionality, the R-Series epitomizes flexibility and affordability.

For inquiries and further details, please get in touch with

Note: Dunel reserves the right to update product specifications without prior notice.

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