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Compliance Test Tools

We are a supplier of products for testing quality and safety in the domain of compliance.  Our test equipment line is designed to attend to many industrial and laboratory scenarios. We have developed integrated solutions: hardware and software to increase productivity and guarantee repeatability in the testing environment. We also supply traditional tools for quality verifications such as test probes, impact hammers, gauges, etc. All of our products adhere to the highest quality standards including UL, IEC and ASTM

Testing Devices to Evaluate and Guarantee the Conformity of Electrical and Electronic related Technologies.

Founded in 2000, Dunel Testing is already a landmark for equipment and component test devices in the domain of the Compliance Market. A pioneer in this segment in South America and currently based in Europe and North America, the Company manufactures an equipment line that strictly attends the most important international norms. 

Due to a vast experience and highly qualified technicians, quality has always been considered a must from its project development to production. The results are the accuracy and sturdiness of its test products.  Innovation is also a priority to the Company bringing to the products best performance for meeting the customer’s needs. 

Dunel is also prepared to develop new device projects not only following Norms but also under specific requirements of factories and labs with regards to special tests, manufacturing assembly lines and quality control.  


Flammability Test equipment, Life & efficiency test equipment, Mechanical Strenght test equipment, Accessibility & IPX Protection Degrees Test Devices, Impact Tools


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  • Segment: Test Equipment, Design & Manufacture

  • Type: Corporation

  • Size: 11-50 employees

  • Founded 2000

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