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Innovation and Efficiency: Dunel's New IPX9k Test Machine

Dunel's New IPX9k Test Machine
Dunel's New IPX9k Test Machine

Dunel's New IPX9k Test Machine: Dunel is proudly introducing its latest innovation in the field of water protection testing: the new IPX9k test machine. In a saturated market of options, this machine stands out for its cutting-edge technology and superior efficiency compared to most Chinese machines and even other Western competitors. One of its most impressive features is its tankless hot water technology, ensuring consistent and reliable performance during tests, as well as its ecological factor, with energy savings of up to 70%, as it only heats what is necessary.

Advanced Features for Accurate and Reliable Testing

With the new IPX9k machine, Dunel not only offers a robust testing device but also a range of advanced features to ensure accurate and reliable tests. The option of test timing, combined with automatic disarming of the pressure pump, ensures smooth test execution, guaranteeing consistent results. Additionally, the presence of triple water pressure switches offers an extra layer of safety and control, adapting to both user needs and test specifications.

Versatility for Various Applications

One of the strengths of the IPX9k machine is its versatility for various applications. In addition to water protection tests, the system can be easily adapted to feed the IPX9 nozzle array inside chambers, particularly useful for small samples. This significantly expands the machine's scope of use, making it an ideal choice for laboratories and industries seeking flexibility and efficiency in their testing processes.

High-Performance Technical Specifications

With high-performance technical specifications, Dunel's IPX9k machine offers an impressive combination of power and precision. Equipped with a flow control motor via VFV, a built-in manometer on the front panel, and a standard 100-bar test configuration, the machine ensures consistent and reliable results. With a water temperature of 85 degrees Celsius and a flow rate of 10 LPM, it meets the requirements of the strictest test standards.

Conclusion: Excellence in Innovation and Performance

In summary, Dunel's new IPX9k test machine represents excellence in innovation and performance in the field of water protection testing. With its advanced features, versatility, and high-level technical specifications, it is a smart choice for laboratories and industries seeking quality, reliability, and efficiency in their testing processes.

We announce that the first series of 20 machines is already fully sold, and sales of the second batch have already begun for delivery in July/August 2024. Sign up now for pre-sale and secure your handheld IPX9K equipment. 100% Western.

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