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Dunel - Compliance Test Equipment Solutions

Designing and Building Compliance Test Equipment for Verification on Quality and Safety related to water Ingress, Flammability, Electric, Impact and much more...

Customizable Solutions

Following Worldwide Standards

Global Reach

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Dunel is a manufacturer of compliance test equipment for the verification of safety and quality. With a rich background in this market since 2001, the Company has developed a comprehensive line of products to meet the client's need in the electric/electronic industry. Segments served by Dunel range from home appliance, computer, automotive, aerospace, furniture, to defense, etc…


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Why Choose Dunel

Cutting-Edge Equipment

We provide the latest and most advanced equipment for compliance testing, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Customizable Solutions

Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

High Quality Standards

We use only the highest quality materials and follow the most important worldwide standards to ensure compliance and safety.

Expert Support

Our team of experienced advisors is always available to provide support and guidance throughout the entire testing process.

Our Products

Our Products in Action

Our Clients

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  • Q: Can I upgrade a standard Dunel equipment later?
    A: Yes, Dunel's standard equipment is modular, allowing for future upgrades. For specific equipment or application you can ask us via chat or email
  • Q: Is it possible to expand the Drip Box IPX1 IPX2 for larger samples?
    A: Absolutely, Dunel's IPX1 equipment is modular, featuring 500 x 500 mm plates for seamless expansion.
  • Q: Are Dunel's products customizable to meet specific testing needs?
    A: Yes, Dunel offers tailored solutions to ensure products align with individual testing requirements.
  • Q: What standards do Dunel's flammability testing equipment comply with?
    A: Dunel's flammability testing equipment adheres to international standards such as IEC, ASTM and UL. (e.g UL94)
  • Q: Can I purchase additional accessories for the test equipment?
    A: Certainly, Dunel provides a range of accessories for comprehensive testing needs.
  • Q: What safety features are integrated into Dunel's testing equipment?
    A: Dunel prioritizes safety, incorporating features such as emergency stops and protective enclosures.
  • Q: How often should I calibrate Dunel's equipment for accurate results?
    A: Calibration frequency varies but typically ranges from annually to biennially for optimal accuracy.
  • Q: Are Dunel's products compliant with European Union regulations?
    A: Yes, Dunel ensures compliance with EU/CE regulations for all its testing equipment.
  • Q: Does Dunel provide training for operating the test equipment?
    A: Certainly, Dunel offers training sessions to ensure proper operation and maintenance of the equipment. Inside the EUROPE it could be on site.
  • Q: What is the warranty period for Dunel's testing equipment?
    A: Dunel provides a two-years warranty in Portugal and one year in other countries, for material defects in quality or materials from the date of shipment. Extended warranty plans are available upon a fee, about 5% per year, extendable up to 3 Years.
  • Q: Can I purchase replacement parts for Dunel's equipment?
    A: Yes, Dunel offers a range of spare parts to facilitate maintenance and repairs, also supplies are available.
  • Q: Does Dunel's equipment meet specific industry standards for electrical safety?
    A: Absolutely, Dunel's equipment adheres to electrical safety standards such as IEC 60335.
  • Q: How does Dunel ensure the accuracy of its test equipment?
    A: Dunel conducts rigorous quality control processes and calibrations to guarantee accuracy.
  • Q: Can I receive technical support from Dunel after purchasing equipment?
    A: Yes, Dunel provides lifetime technical support for all its equipment.
  • Q: Are Dunel's products environmentally friendly and compliant with RoHS?
    Q: Are Dunel's products environmentally friendly and compliant with RoHS?A: Yes, Dunel ensures its products adhere to environmental regulations, including RoHS.
  • Q: Can I request a demonstration of Dunel's testing equipment before purchasing?
    Q: Can I request a demonstration of Dunel's testing equipment before purchasing?A: Certainly, Dunel welcomes requests for demonstrations to showcase the capabilities of its equipment upon schedule and availability of the equipment in our show roon. By 2024 Dunel plans to have a van for road-show. (to be confirmed)
  • Q: How does Dunel handle product shipping for international orders?
    A: Dunel ships products internationally using reliable carriers like UPS, DHL, or FEDEX.
  • Q: Does Dunel offer on-site installation services for its equipment?
    Q: Does Dunel offer on-site installation services for its equipmeA: On-site installation services are not included if outside EUROPE, but Dunel provides comprehensive manuals and support for self-installation.
  • Q: Can Dunel's supply equipments to perform both solid and liquid ingress protection tests?
    Certainly, Dunel provides a range of equipment for various applications, covering both solid and liquid ingress protection tests.
  • Q: Does Dunel's equipment meet specific industry standards for electrical safety?
    A: Indeed, Dunel's commitment to providing safe and reliable lab equipment extends to meeting stringent industry standards for electrical safety. As part of our dedication to quality assurance, it is mandatory for Dunel, as a solution provider for lab equipment, to conduct risk assessments in accordance with the IEC 60010 standard. This ensures that our lab equipment not only adheres to electrical safety norms but also undergoes thorough risk evaluation, guaranteeing the utmost safety for users.
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