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Our Platinum Electrodes with Supports are purposefully crafted for integration into tracking test equipment in accordance with the IEC60112 standard. The electrode's platinum tip, boasting 99% purity, is meticulously inserted into the SS316L stainless steel arm through a specialized welding process, and in the lastedt veriosn they use a M2 SS316 Screw do attach the platinum tip to the lectrode arm. This design allows for the effortless replacement of the platinum tip as needed. The dimensions of the platinum electrode tip strictly adhere to regulatory requirements, ensuring precise and reliable testing results. The electrodes come with a 2-year warranty, excluding accelerated corrosion caused by ultracorrosive solutions. Supplied in pairs, the electrodes are identified by SKU codes: DNTK112-400-1 for the fixed electrode and DNTK112-400-2 for the adjustable version (adjustable within ±3mm), allowing for multiple re-pointing and adjustments to maintain the correct position. Compatible with Dunel and Igex machines manufactured up to the year 2014, models DNTK5000/3 and DNTK112/3, produced in Brazil and the USA.  Also, Dunel / Ormity machines (from 2014 to 2024), model DNTK112-1, DNTK112-2 and DNTK1122S, manufactured in Canada and Portugal. The electrode tips are chamfered at a 30-degree angle, aligning with standard specifications.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Platinum Electrode Tip (99% purity), SS316L Stainless Steel Arm
  • Tip Attachment: Specialized Solder or SS316L M2 Screw
  • Insert Replacement: Yes, for worn platinum inserts
  • Compliance: IEC60112 Standard
  • Warranty: 2 years (excluding accelerated corrosion)
  • SKU Codes: DNTK112-400-1 (Fixed Electrode), DNTK112-400-2 (Adjustable Electrode) DNTK112-S2 (screwed platinum tip)
  • Adjustability: ±3mm (Adjustable Electrode is available for DNTK112/3 equipment only)
  • Compatibility: Dunel and Igex machines (up to 2014), models DNTK5000/3 and DNTK112/3, Dunel / Ormity machines (from 2014 to 2024), model DNTK112-1, DNTK112-2 and DNTK1122S
  • Electrode Tip Angle: 30 degrees

Note: This technical datasheet is provided for professional reference. For detailed installation instructions and additional specifications, please refer to the official documentation.

Platinum Electrodes with Supports for IEC60112 Tracking Test Equipment

PriceFrom €1,450.00
We produce this part on demand each 30 days.
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