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The Dunel Leakage Current Test Circuit is designed to perform leakage current measurements in accordance with IEC 60335-1 fig 3, also according to fig 4 of IEC 60990 and IEC 983/10 circuit. This circuit ensures accurate and reliable assessment of the leakage current characteristics of electrical appliances.


Key Features:


Compliance: Aligned IEC60335-1 fig 3, IEC 60990 fig 4 and IEC 983/10 standards.


Versatility: Suitable for various Class II appliances. Safety: Incorporates safety features to protect the operator and equipment.


Reliability: Provides consistent and precise leakage current measurements.


Ease of Use: User-friendly design for efficient testing procedures.


Applications: Testing and assessment of leakage currents in electrical appliances. Compliance verification with international standards. Quality control and assurance in manufacturing processes. Important


Note: It is recommended to refer to the detailed product manual and standards documentation for specific operating instructions, safety guidelines, and accurate usage information. 

Leakage Current Test Circuit IEC60335-1

SKU: DNCT335/1-303
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