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Summary of the Publication on IP Ratings (Ingress Protection)

This publication aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of IP ratings, emphasizing their crucial role in safeguarding products and devices against liquids and solids. Addressing common challenges associated with ingress protection, this informative material seeks to empower professional technicians and consumers, aiding them in informed decision-making regarding the selection of test equipment and products, as well as their proper usage.


Symbolic Price: This publication is available for a symbolic price. Existing Dunel customers have the option to request a copy free of charge. The SKU for this product is DNEBK-IP8850.


Note: The complimentary access for Dunel customers is a demonstration of our commitment to providing valuable resources for those who trust in our services. The symbolic price aims to cover operational costs associated with the production and distribution of this technical and specialized material.


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IP Ratings - PDF Document

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