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IK10 – 5Kg strike element

To verify IK7 resistance, one impact of 0.5kg mass dropped from 400mm above the affected surface is necessary using  a pendulum hammer. In some cases a Spring Hammer apparatus DNSH068-7 can be used if required by the standard. 


Product Description


IK7 – 0.5Kg strike element


IK7 – 0.5Kg strike element Alloy: SS316

Superficial Treatment: Polished Weight: 5Kg  +/- 0.01 kg

Launching method: Polycarbonate Tube with 400mm Trigger Compliance: EN 62262

Or Pendulum Hammer - DNHT068-5

The Standard EN 62262 especify the criteria to check the resistance of IK7 by appliying a impact of 2 Nm.

IK7 – 0.5Kg strike element

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