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Dunel Glow Wire Test Apparatus IEC 50695 is one of the most advanced equipment to verify the glow wire flammability index. We are the pioneer in applying a high level of automation to the tests like this. Four different types of machines are available. Below you can find the basic version. If you prefer something more advanced, contact us.


Glow Wire Test Apparatus IEC 60695

PriceFrom €5,626.58
We produce this equipment in batches of 20 units, in a cycle of 8 weeks. The version 3 and 4 needs to be preordered.
  • Glow Wire Tester Compliance

    Glow Wire Tester is required by several standards, such as: IEC 60695-2-10,11,1213 – IEC 60950-1 – IEC 60335-1 – IEC 60884-1 – IEC 60238 – IEC 60745-1 – IEC 60400 – IEC 60730-1 – IEC 60598-1 – IEC 61050 – IEC 60320-1 – IEC 61058-1 – IEC 60742 – IEC 60669-1 – UL 746A – BS EN 60695-2-1 – IEC60884 – BS 6458 – NF C20 -921-1 – IS:11000. Dunel Glow-Wire Test Apparatus is in compliance with all those standards above. Dunel Glow-Wire Apparatus is 100% made in Europe with the must advanced technologies and certificates process according to IEC requirements.


    • Glow Wire Tester Element: Ni/Cr8020 wire, ø4mm
    • Temperature Range: 50ºC ~1050ºC
    • Current Range: 0 to 170 A
    • Thermocouple Diameter: ø 0.5 mm
    • Thermocouple: Type K (Ni/Cr X Ni/Al)
    • Temperature Accuracy: 1ºC
    • Sample Travel: Horizontal
    • Contact Force: 1 N
    • Travel Distance: 24 cms
    • Penetration Deep Limiter: 7 mm
    • Flame Height Indicator: 150 mm
    • Main Supply: 120 Vac 50/60 Hz 6.5A (220V also available)


    Weight: 48 Kg
    Dimensions: W: 1100 D: 950 H: 950 (mm)
    Current meter: True RMS, ±0.1% (accuracy)
    Temperature meter: ±0.5% (accuracy)
    Chamber Lux: Less than 20Lux (inside without auxiliary illumination, door closed)

    Our warranty is two years

    This Equipment Meets:

    • EN60695-2-10 General GW test methods
    • EN60695-2-11 Test procedures for injected products on final form
    • EN60695-2-12 Glow-wire flammability index GWFI (method)
    • EN60695-2-13 Glow-wire ignition temperature GWIT (method)

    More about Glow Wire Tester

  • Product Features

    DNGW695/1 Glow Wire Tester Standard Equipment to perform IEC 60695-2-10,11 requirements
    DNGW695/2 Glow Wire Tester Semi Automatic Equipment to perform IEC 60695-2-10,11 requirements
    DNGW695/3 Glow Wire Tester Automatic to perform IEC 60695-2-10,11,12,13 requirements
    DNGW695/4 Glow Wire Tester Automatic Equipment with data acquisition interface, printer out put and monitoring flame sensors, to perform IEC 60695-2-10,11,12,13 requirements
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