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Updated: Sep 21, 2023

The Ipx3 Ipx4 oscillating tubes with spray nozzles of a 0.4mm bore, such as those found in the DNOT Series, play a crucial role in verifying degrees of protection like "IPX3 – Protection Against Spraying Water" and "IPX4 – Protection Against Splashing Water." These tests are vital to ensure that devices and equipment can withstand various environmental conditions.


Testing for Protection Against Spraying Water

The protection against spraying water is evaluated by causing the oscillating tube to oscillate over the specimen through a 60° angle on either side of the vertical, each at a speed of about 60° per second. The jets, coming from a larger angle than 60° to the vertical, are baffled by deflectors. Additionally, a modified regulation involves the oscillating tube with deflectors remaining in a vertical position while the specimen is turned (e.g., on a turn table) around a vertical axis.

Assessing Protection Against Splashing Water

To determine protection against splashing water, the oscillating tube is made to oscillate through an angle of almost 180° on either side of the vertical at a speed of about 60 per second. Depending on the regulation, the specimen either remains stationary or is rotated at a suitable speed. Each of these tests lasts for a duration of 10 minutes.

Components of a Complete Test Unit

A complete test unit comprises a set of oscillating tubes as accessories, the oscillating appliance with the drive, and, for larger oscillating tubes, the auxiliary column holder. Oscillating tubes are manufactured with radii ranging from 200mm to 1600mm, with a progressive ratio of 200mm.

DNOT529/R1 – Oscillating Drive

  • Supports arc dimensions up to R1000

  • Two drive height options: on the floor or 1200mm from the floor

  • Supports various oscillating tubes such as DNOT529/200, DNOT529/400, DNOT529/600, DNOT529/800

DNOT529/R2 – Oscillating Drive

  • Supports arcs dimensions up to R1600

  • Two drive height options: on the floor or 1900mm from the floor

  • Supports various oscillating tubes including DNOT529/200, DNOT529/400, DNOT529/600, DNOT529/800, DNOT529/1000, DNOT529/1200, DNOT529/1600

Compliance and Standards

The IPX3 IPX4 Oscillating Tubes DNOT Series complies with several international standards, including IEC 60034-5, 60529, 60598-1, 60947-1, EN 60335-1, 60-950, VDE 0623, and 0632, as well as DIN 40.050.

Standard Equipment and Operation

The standard equipment includes a drive system powered by a three-phase geared motor with specific gear ratios, ensuring precise oscillation speeds. This system integrates various safety features like electromagnetic brakes and emergency stopping switches, providing a controlled and secure testing environment.

Water Supply System

Water Supply System 2 chanels

The water distribution system is equipped with dual water pathways, facilitating an automated setup for both IPX3 and IPX4 tests, requiring no manual intervention from the operator. Additionally, it features an ultra-precise magnetic flow meter, ensuring precise and consistent measurement of water flow to the oscillating tubes. This advanced setup is critical for maintaining equilibrium and preventing any supply inconsistencies during the testing process. The dedicated water supply system (SKU WS529/1) includes adjustable flow regulators and electromagnetic valves, further enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the water supply for testing purposes.

Design and Construction of Oscillating Tubes

The design of the oscillating tubes, including nozzle spacing and arc connections, is meticulously engineered to facilitate easy setup and accurate testing. The interchangeable nozzles allow for flexibility in testing, enabling adjustments to the bore size to assess different protection levels.

Simplified Setup and Maintenance

The innovative construction of the oscillating tube significantly simplifies setup procedures, reducing setup time to just 1 minute. This advancement by Dunel in tube design also makes maintenance more straightforward while ensuring the precise alignment of water jets for accurate testing.

In summary, the Oscillating Tubes DNOT Series is an essential tool for evaluating the protection of devices against spraying and splashing water. With its precise design, compliance with international standards, and ease of use, it stands as a vital component in ensuring the reliability and safety of various electrical and electronic equipment.

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