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Oscillating tubes DNOT Series with spray nozzles of 0,4mm bore are used to prove the degrees of protection IPX3 &IPX4 – Protection Against Spraying Water” & “Protection Against Splashing Water”.

The protection against spraying water is determined by causing the oscillating tube to oscillate over the specimen through an angle of 60° Degrees on either side of the vertical, each at a speed of about of 60° per second, while the jets, coming from a larger angle than 60° to the vertical, are baffled by deflectors. But there is also a slightly amended regulation, (sai fora according to pq nao explica a que ) which the oscillating tube with deflectors stands still in a vertical position, and the specimen is turned – for example in a turn table – at a convenient speed around a vertical axis.

In order to determine the protection against splashing water, the oscillating tube is caused to oscillate through an angle of almost 180° on either side of the vertical at a speed of about 60 per second, while depending on regulating the specimen stand still or is turned at a convenient speed. Each of these tests lasts 10 minutes.

A complete test unit comprises a set of oscillating tubes as accessories, the oscillating appliance with the drive and – in the case of larger oscillating tubes – the auxiliary column holder. The oscillating tubes are manufactured with radii of 200mm up to 1600mm with a progressive ratio of 200mm. As follows:

SKU DNOT529/R1 – Oscillating Drive with flanged shaft to screw on the oscillating tubes – Supports Arcs dimension up to R1000- it comes with 2 possibility of drive height – on the floor (about 135mm from the floor up to the drive flange or with 1200mm from the floor)

DNOT529/R1 Supports:

  • DNOT529/200

  • DNOT529/400

  • DNOT529/600

  • DNOT529/800

SKU DNOT529/R2 – Oscillating Drive with flanged shaft to screw on the oscillating tubes – Supports Arcs dimension up to R1600- it comes with 2 possibility of drive height – on the floor (about 350 mm from the floor up to the drive flange or with 1900mm from the floor)

DNOT529/R2 Supports:

  • DNOT529/200

  • DNOT529/400

  • DNOT529/600

  • DNOT529/800

  • DNOT529/1000

  • DNOT529/1200

  • DNOT529/1600

Compliance: IEC 60034-5, 60529, 60598-1, 60947-1. EN 60335-1,60-950. VDE 0623 and 0632 DIN 40.050


Drive System uses three-phase geared motor 1:15 for DTOT529/R1 and 1:20 for DNOT529/R2, oscillating speed 60°/s, with frequency Inverter, swiveling angle encoder managed trough PLC and Touch Interface HMI, swiveling angle limiting safety switch, electromagnetic brake, brake release switch, emergency stopping switch and watertight (IP65 protected) socket to connect a turn table. (turn table is also managed through PLC, also with management Icon at the interface)


SKU WS529/1 Water supply with fine filter to be cleaned by reverse flow, pressure regulator and pressure indicating instruments, adjustable flow regulating valve and flow indicating instrument, electromagnetic valve and rotary union to supply the water through the flanged shaft, prepared to connect a hose of nominal diameter 3/4”.

“A good system of oscillation Tube System should receive the water supply on both sides to avoid imbalance in supply along the radius”

Control Panel – Integrated with the drive column for radius up to R1000 and with remote panel for Drive system up to R1600.


DESIGN Tubes & Nozzles spacing:

Each arc uses 2 flange connected to the arc, to be mounted on the flange drive using 6 absorber of rubber (30-90 shore) reducing impacts on the reversion movement.

Interchangeable nozzles of 0,4mm bore ( also available interchangeable nozzle of 0,8mm: to prove the degree of protection “against splashing water” with increased pressure) centre of semicircle of the oscillating tubes belonging to a set always in the same position with 50mm spacing each.

Oscillating Tube IPX3 & 4 – Easy Setup

The innovative construction of the oscillating tube makes easier its setup between IPX3 & 4. Now just 1 minute is needed. It’s possible with the new concept tube developed by Dunel . Maintenance is simplified and the projection of the water jets are always aligned to the center of the table.



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+351 222061438

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