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The flexural test according to IEC 60335-1, clause 25.14, is designed to assess the resistance of materials and electrical connections to repetitive bending, simulating normal usage conditions. For the DNFLX335-25.14/1, DNFLX335-25.14/2, and DNFLX335-25.14/3 models, here are the features of the test:

  • Models and Power Supply:

    • DNFLX335-25.14/1, DNFLX335-25.14/2, DNFLX335-25.14/3.
    • Power Supply: 220V, 50Hz.
  • Work Stations and Flexion:

    • DNFLX335-25.14/1: One workstation.
    • DNFLX335-25.14/2: One workstation with PLC control (Programmable Logic Controller).
    • DNFLX335-25.14/3: Three or six workstations, all with PLC control.
    • Flexion angles: Adjustable via HMI 5" Touch for all models, including DNFLX335-25.14/1 - 45°, 60°, 90°; DNFLX335-25.14/2 and DNFLX335-25.14/3 - 0-360°.
  • Speed and Control:

    • Flexion speed: 0-60 cycles per minute for all models.
    • Electrical control for DNFLX335-25.14/1 and PLC control for DNFLX335-25.14/2 and DNFLX335-25.14/3.
  • Test Load and Power Load:

    • Available test loads: 5N, 10N.
    • Power Load is included as an integral part of the testing equipment.
  • Test Cycles:

    • Adjustable number of test cycles from 0 to 999,999, applicable to all models.

This test simulates the repetitive bending that materials and electrical connections may undergo during the normal use of an electrical device. The flexion can be performed at different angles, as specified by the standard's requirements, and the applied test load can be adjusted to represent various usage conditions. Electrical or PLC control allows for precise and repetitive test operation, and the results can be recorded for further evaluation as required by the IEC 60335-1 standard. The inclusion of a Power Load ensures comprehensive testing of the equipment's endurance and performance

Flexural test according to IEC 60335-1, clause 25.14

SKU: DNFLX335/1-25.14
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