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Technical Data Sheet

Product Information:

  • SKU Manual Release Version: DNIM335/2-300
  • SKU Automatic Release Version: DNIM335/2-350
  • Product Name: Rubber Hemisphere Impact Tester
  • Test Sample: Spin Extractors, Washing Machines
  • Impact Height: 100mm, Adjustable
  • Locking Method: Self-Lock When Upward The Hammer
  • Release Method Manual Release Version: Manual Release
  • Release Method Automatic Release Version: Automatic Release
  • Standard: IEC 60335-2-4, IEC 60335-2-7

Product Description: The Rubber Hemisphere Impact Tester is household appliance test equipment designed to verify the impact strength properties of the cover of electrical appliances loaded from the top. The tester adheres to industry standards, specifically IEC 60335-2-4 for spin extractors (clause 21.101) and IEC 60335-2-7 for washing machines (clause 20.101).

Application: Primarily used for spin extractors and washing machines, this equipment ensures reliable testing of impact strength properties in compliance with safety standards for household and similar electrical appliances.


  • Equipped with a self-locking mechanism for the impact hammer.
  • Manual Release Version: Hammer release is manual through a handle.
  • Automatic Release Version: Hammer release is automatic.
  • Constructed with a stainless steel frame, featuring an adjustable width ranging from 200mm to 800mm.


  • Impact Hammer: 70mm rubber hemisphere with a hardness between 40IRHD and 50IRHD; stainless steel handle, mass of 20kg.
  • Impact Height: Adjustable up to 100mm.
  • Locking Method: Self-lock when upward the hammer.
  • Sample Size: W*D=(200~800)*480mm

Note: Household Appliance Test Equipment with precision and adherence to international safety standards. Choose between Manual Release (SKU DNIM335/2-300) and Automatic Release (SKU DNIM335/2-350) versions.

Spin and Washers Extractors impact tester

SKU: DNIM335/2-300
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