high-pressure tester IPX9 & IPX9K

SKU: DNX9-529-K

Montecs Dunel is launching a new concept high-pressure tester IPX9 & IPX9K with a reuse water system. The 5 first customers will receive this equipment until April 2019. We are planning to deliver 20 units IPX9 & IPX9K until December 2019.


The IPX9 & IPX9K tester uses a mix between own concept parts & commercial hardware in a proportion of 50 / 50 %. The control system is accomplished with using a PLC managed through a 6" Touch Screen Interface (HMI). It is extremely reliable with the main purpose of providing a means of monitoring and control easy to operate. On the screen, the user can view the operation of the monitored systems as well as the buttons for controlling them. Easy to maintain with the best extended warranty plan of the market; Up to 3 years!


Protection against water high-pressure steam jet. High pressure and temperature water are jetted at an enclosure to test foreign ingress protection. IPX9 and IPX9K testing are the highest ingress protection water ratings currently available in the IP Code system.


Product Details:


  • Internal dimensions (mm): 1000*1200*1000 D*W*H
  • External dimensions (mm): 1260*1300*1760 D*W*H
  • Water Spray Temperature: ambient ~ 88ºC (Adjustable)
  • Water Spray Angle: 0°, 30°, 60°, 90°
  • Number of Spray Nozzles: Four
  • Spray Range: 30° ± 5° (Single hole)
  • Distance from water spraying to turntable: 10~15cm
  • Water Pressure: 8000-10000 Kpa (adjustable)
  • Water Flow Rate: 14L-16L/min
  • Turntable Speed: 5 ±1 r.p.m Turntable height: 200-450mm, adjustable
  • Turntable Diameter: R 300 Load: 40kg
  • Controller: PLC Control
  • Flow meter: Ultrasonic
  • Other Features

    • Pressure of the Nozzle Monitorized
    • Wifi Control APP - Android
    • Automatic water mangement
    • Test chamber illumination
    • Door of test chamber with double security sensors.

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+351 222061438

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