Handheld Spray Nozzle IPX3 & IPX4

Handheld Spray Nozzle IPX3 & IPX4

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The Handheld Spray Nozzle IPX3 verifies the waterproof status of the product’s enclosures of larger sizes, when a portable tester is necessary. (IPX3 & IPX4)
It comes with flow meter integrated with the handle, that can be (according to the version):

  • Read verticality only: DNSN529 - 1
  • Read in any position: DNSN529 - 2

    The Handheld Spray Nozzle IPX3 & 4 verifies the waterproof status of the product’s enclosures of larger sizes when a portable tester is necessary. 



    Our research department brings to the market the lightest hand-held spray nozzle, built with a resistant material.  Furthermore, it presents an ergonomic design that provides easiness during the performance of the tests in Lab.  All these innovations maintain the accuracy required by the International Norms.  

    The test equipment comes with a Flow Bowl Valve for setting the flow of water requested by the Norm. Another essential accessory for this tester performance is the Flow Meter System that Dunel can provide under request.

    We are committed to offering the best cost benefit to our customers. 

    IEC 60529 Fig. 5 Compliance verification: How it works?

    IPX3/IPX4 – IEC60529.

    The IPX3 & IPX4 DEGREES OF PROTECTION AGAINST WATER (IEC60529)  comprises the protection against the ingress of  SPRAYING WATER (IPX3). In this case, the spray of water at an angle up to 60º, on either side of the vertical, shall have no harmful effects.  Besides, the test of protection against  SPLASHING WATER (IPX4) shall have no harmful effects to the product under the splash of water from any direction.

    This tester is according to IEC 60529, Figure 5. 

  • Technical features:

    • According to  IEC 60529, Figure 5
    • Moving shield – Easily removable

    • Threaded inlet for water hose

    • Dimensions (appx.) : L 330 X  W 140  X  H 130 (mm)

    • Weight: 0.9 kg

    • Head Shower: Holes Diameter: Ф0.5mm:  (one positioned in the middle hole and there are 24 holes in the inner circle of holes of which the included angle is  30°. There are 96 holes in the external circle of holes of which the included angle is 15°. 121 holes in total)

    • Water flow required: 10L/min±5%, the Flow rate is adjustable.

    Brand: MONTECS

    Note.  It Comes with a flow meter on the handle - Read at any position!



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