Analogue Flow Meter 35 LPM

Analogue Flow Meter 35 LPM

SKU: DNFM00035

Analogue Flow Meter 35 LPM model DNFM35L  is a well proven variable area flow meter for the measurement of clear for water. It is simple in operation, easy to install and requires no maintenance. It gives a clear visual display of flow rate.



  • Application: Used for water.
  • Body Material: Acrylic
  • Thready Material:  Aluminum
  • Connection: Thready 3/4″ BSP
  • Feature: low weight & unbreakable


    • How it works

      When a fluid flows through the vertical tapered metering tube the float will rise until a point of equilibrium is reached where the downward weight of the float is balanced by the upward thrust of the fluid. This point will represent a specific flow rate. If the flowrate increases the float will rise to a new point where the new upward thrust of the fluid is balanced by the weight of the float.

    • Installation

      The flowmeter should be installed with the flow vertically upwards through the flowmeter. For accurate results ensure that the pipework is vertical to within 2/3 degrees. The standard socket connections are for use with pipes 3/4″.  When used with liquids valves may be placed upstream or downstream of the flowmeter.

    • Calibration

      All DNFM flowmeters are individually calibrated with water.  The graduated scale depends on three factors: the shape and weight of the float, the size and taper of the measuring tube and the density and viscosity of the fluid.

    • Dimension Characteristics

      • External Diameter: 46mm
      • Length: 280mm
      • Input Thready: 3/4″ BSP